Honest GoFundMe Is Honestly Hilarious

You’ve seen the Facebook posts. Maybe you’ve even donated. Probably, because you’re a nice person. But just once, wouldn’t it be nice if someone was super honest with their GoFundMe and said ‘I hate working, pay my rent?’

From Alyssa Onofreo comes this perfect sketch where GoFundMe creators just up and tell the truth about why they really want your money. The short version: they just deserve the money more than you do.


If “Dance Moms” Starred Dogs Instead Of Kids

Comedian Hollie Lee has truly given us a gift with her Dance Moms parody. What if dogs were in the show instead of little girls? Turns out – it wouldn’t be much different! Those poor kids – er, we mean dogs  – whatever. We feel sorry for everyone who gets yelled at by those terrifying dance moms!