When Is Hollywood Going To Support White Actors?!

Hollywood has a diversity problem. Too much of it!! White actors are always getting undermined and losing roles to actors of color. Poor little white children have no heroes to look up to.

Hahahahahah just kidding, every single dang role ends up played by a white actor. But this perfect piece of satire from Atsuko Okatsuka imagines what it would be like if Hollywood’s white washing were flipped.

Finally, A Movie For Women (By Men)

Women! We’re always wearing crop tops and kissing our female friends and dating men with no discernible talent or personality. Oh that doesn’t describe you? You must not be a gal in a rom com written by men, then!

We’ve had it up to roughly here with these rude-ass Hollywood movies that portray women as naive idiots in bustiers and female friendship as a non-stop homoerotic cat fight. UP TO HERE. Which is why we can’t stop watching writer/director Laura Holliday’s version of a chick flick written by dudes. It’s hilarious and perfect and everything we love.

The Hollywood Sign Ruins Lives

And now, the tale of three 20-something women who just wanted to go for a hike and forget about the disappointing men in their lives. But sometimes when you try to go for a hike in the Hollywood hills, the hills… hike you.

The brilliant besties of Fresh Hell (Hannah Garces, Emily Durrett, and Elizabeth Guest) bring you this sketch about what happens when you try to take an ordinary average silly picture with LA’s most famous landmark. Spoiler: it doesn’t go great.

Extras On The Strip, Hustling For That $$$

Don’t let people tell you that standing on the Sunset Strip hustling for extra work in commercials is ‘sad’ or ‘pathetic’ or ‘unbearably depressing’. It’s a real career, ok??

Leslie Korein’s hilarious ‘documentary’ webseries shows background actors as the heroes they are. First up: Space Lady Myndi.