To Us, Hil Is Perfect

Ok yes, no one is perfect. But this sketch from SNL this weekend might be a perfect three minutes of comedy. Kate’s expressions! Cecily’s little hair tucks! It’s glorious and beautiful and oh goddess please let it change just one elector’s mind.

SNL Hit Us Right In The Feels

Damn. Daaaaamn. SNL doesn’t always get everything right, but this week’s cold open was a perfect thing. It’s hard to laugh right now without getting a little cry out first. At least when you’re a woman or a person of color or lgbtq or an immigrant etc etc etc. Kate McKinnon gave us our daily cry on Saturday, so that we could go in to Dave Chappelle’s amazing monologue a little less weighed down.

And honestly the rest of the sketches were perfection too. Watch this Leslie Jones bit as a little bonus, in which she discusses the struggles of dating while being Leslie, and then really grosses out Dave. It’s beautiful.


Woman Crush: Hillary Clinton

This election stung like a million mean wasps nests. Hillary Clinton lost, and it feels real weird. But we’re still with her! Hillary inspired us to feel like a woman could do anything, and she’s been a class act this whole time and right up to the concession speech. So even though she’s not going to be president any time soon, she’s still our hero. Woman Crush Wednesday doesn’t even do it justice.

RIQ: A Bedtime Story From Donald Trump

If reality tv star and self-proclaimed businessman Donald Trump told a bedtime story, what would it sound like? We posed that very question to the one and only Petey Gibson, who knocked it out of the damn park. It’s short, sweet, and 100% bizarre. Think of it as our way of saying ‘BOY BYE’.

Think Hill’s Shrill? You Better Watch This.

The vice-presidential debate brought up a lot of questions. Why does Trump have such a boner for Putin? Was Kaine on some type of roids? But most of all, it had us wondering why men so often really don’t like letting women talk.

Fortunately the brains behind Hurdy Blurdy created this primer to how to not sound too shrill/bossy/bitchy/wimpy for men. Hillary is a shoo-in for prez now!