Really Important Questions with Hartbeat

In this round of Really Important Questions, Hart tells us her favorite curse word (umm, we absolutely agree with her choice), her last three Google searches, and whether or not she prefers a person with a bottom half that’s a fish or a top half that’s fish. Watch the video now!

Hart Gets It: What We Really Feel Like When We Go Clubbing

We’re all in agreement that clubbing is overrated, yes? Thank goodness for Hart and her realness. Praise, girl! In one of her newest videos, she perfectly captures everything we feel when we go clubbing – from the annoyance to the music, our drunk best friends, taking too long to get ready, etc.


Who Says You Have To Dress Like What You Like?

It may not be Thursday, but we’re throwing back to this magical video whether you like it or not.

Who says you have to dress like what you like? Maybe no one, but a whole bunch of lesbians seem to get that question all of the time. Well, maybe Hart has put that question to rest… at least for a little while.