Weekly Roundup Of The Funniest Friggin Tweets

It has been one hell of a week in feminism, in sports, in comedy, and in draaaamaaaaa.

But guess what? WE MADE IT TO THE WEEKEND.


Let’s celebrate with some high quality, grade-A funny tweets.



Just out here looking for a life partner who also buys hammocks and toilet paper at 2am.






No one with an empanada in their hand has ever been angry.


How come pop stars are the funniest people on Twitter?


That, or ‘don’t taze me bro’.


If you haven’t been on Reductress yet this week, well, go do yourself a favor.


Like, what even is feminism?!?!? ????


OUCH right in the progress.


Oh jesus please don’t give us more reasons to be terrified in our cars please.


Metaphorically we’re all working two jobs and dealing with a loud ass entitled frog.


This is the perfect party guest etiquette, what’s the problem here?


Yaaas yaaas YAAAAAZZZZ.

Why are there 15 Fast and Furiouses but just two Magic Mike’s? SMDH.

One panic attack is just enough, two is too much, three is sexy again!