Jessica Chastain’s Super Chill Audition

Ever wonder what it’s like to be an actual professional actor? It must be just glitz and glamour and glossy hair all the time, right? Wrong! It’s actually mostly dudes telling you that you’re not playing it sexy enough. This sketch makes us wonder how many of our favorite actresses have had directors tell them to make it more ‘hot’.

No More 24 Hour Birthday Parties

You know what we’re very much over? This thing that’s happening lately where someone does 45 damn activities for their birthday. We can’t make it to brunch AND ice skating AND tapas AND drinks AND the drag show AND salsa dancing, ASHLEY. Luckily the writers of Tiny Fantasies – aka Sydney Nikols and Maggie Monahan – are here to set these birthday divas straight (in their minds).

‘Santa Clarita Diet’ Is Gonna Be Bloody And Fun

You tryna zombie and chill? We most definitely are, and Drew Barrymore’s new show looks like the suburban sitcom of our dreams. Drew plays a realtor/mom who wakes up dead one day, and while we’d pretty much watch Drew do anything the writing on this honestly seems fire. The trailer just dropped, and we can’t wait for the whole show to be out.