Tracee Ellis Ross’ Handbook For Handsy Men

TRACEEEE!!! Tracee Ellis Ross guest hosted for Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday, and she used her platform to talk about the sexual harassment ‘scandal’. But that’s the official version – what she actually did was dig her nails right into the patriarchy’s balls and twist on live TV. Things got a little serious and a lot hilarious, and you definitely need to watch.

An Honest Call With Your Bank

We all tell white lies on the phone with customer service. ‘Yes, I did try unplugging and re-plugging it’. ‘I’m very busy and important so I don’t have time to wait around on hold’. But did you ever consider that the constant lying goes both ways? This sketch from Ally Beardsley/College Humor proves that if we were all actually honest with our banks, the world would probably fall apart.