Girl, You Need ‘The Touch-Up’

You know when you’re in the bathroom at the bar, touching up your lip gloss, and suddenly you and your bestie have the deepest heart to heart ever? This show is like that, but with comedians. Megan Thomas hosts the gal pal-iest webseries around, and is joined each episode by another funny woman to do a quick mirror touch-up and gab fest. This time around, it’s Jessica Lesaca, everyone’s Insta-crush.

Can A Gal Get A Day Off??

Boy oh boy, are we ready for the weekend! We could all use a day off, what with this being a stressful season and all. But the thing is, no one in the world needs a day off more than Kellyanne Conway.

Poor sweet Kellyanne. Every time Trump tweets something horrifying or blurts out a slur, the bubbly campaign manager is there, mumbling about how that’s not actually what he said, doing damage control as best she can. It sounds exhausting tbh. But when Kellyanne is played by Kate McKinnon, it’s also friggin hilarious.