Girl, You Need ‘The Touch-Up’

You know when you’re in the bathroom at the bar, touching up your lip gloss, and suddenly you and your bestie have the deepest heart to heart ever? This show is like that, but with comedians. Megan Thomas hosts the gal pal-iest webseries around, and is joined each episode by another funny woman to do a quick mirror touch-up and gab fest. This time around, it’s Jessica Lesaca, everyone’s Insta-crush.

Toni Lahren Is Not A Victim, OK?!?!?!?

Ok this Tomi Lahren parody is STRAIGHT FIRE. Tomi – oh sorry, we mean Toni – goes AWF on feminism, terrorism, latte-ism, rainbow prisms, and pretty much every other liberal -ism in the book. Toni is NOT a victim, y’all! Mostly because she’s being paid to say she’s not, and would a victim get paid for that? NO!

This genius sketch is from the brilliant brain of comedian and writer Maggie Mae Fish and an all female and trans comedian writer’s room. Can’t wait to see more from ‘Toni’.

The Dating App For People Who Like To Fix People

There’s two types of people in this world. People who just find someone and decide to love them as they are, and people who realize that everyone needs to be fixed and they’re the people to do the job. Well good news fixers! Now there’s Fixr!

This ad from writer Caroline Haubold and sketch team Pocketwatch speaks to us on a way-too-real level. ‘Someone as needy as I am controlling’ oh nooooo.

Girl, He Is Not Your Boyfriend

Yes, it may be painful to face the fact that the person we’re hooking up with doesn’t want a relationship with us. Yes, we’d rather not acknowledge that a person we’re into refuses to be seen in the late of day with us. Does that make us crazy? Maybe a little….but also, we definitely aren’t the only ones that find ourselves in this predicament. Besties Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata totally understand the trials and tribulations of modern dating.