The Trailer For ‘Ibiza’ Is Everything

EVERYTHING!!!! We truly cannot wait to see this movie. Ibiza tells the age old story of girl meets boy, boy is famous DJ, girls best friends pressure her into following him to Ibiza to party and smash, then Vanessa Bayer gets bird shit in her mouth. We might have kind of lost track of the saying there, but the point stands that this movie looks funny as hell and we will definitely be planning a girls night to watch it.

We Can’t Wait To See ‘Life Of The Party’

Ohhhhhh shoot, pull out the hankies. We can already tell that Melissa McCarthy’s upcoming movie Life Of The Party is gonna make us laugh, cry, laugh-cry, and then call our moms. Mel plays a stay-at-home mom who decides to shake shit up after a divorce and enrolls in her daughter’s college. Like, could there be a more perfect set up for a movie??