Being A Cougar Isn’t Easy

We don’t use the words ‘dating expert’ lightly, but it seems like Marina Franklin might be one. Maybe not when it comes to the actual dating, but definitely when it comes to making jokes about it. Do yourself a favor and go watch more of her stand-up, because the woman is a damn genius when it comes to crafting a joke.

RIQ With Cynthia LuCiette: Losing The V Card

We sat down with the hilarious Cynthia LuCiette to ask if she could describe losing her virginity with a movie title. Honestly? She picked the most perfect one. That shit is just terrible.

Also someone tell us when the next meeting of the Secret Thot Fraternity is, we’ll totally bring muffins.

Weekly Roundup Of The Funniest Tweets





Def not here for the Train shaming.

Honestly, what would it even feel like to be on time to something?

As we go on/we remember/all the times we/had together…

What are they trying to prove?!??!

Tbh this is the kind of self confidence with which we should all be living our lives.

Highly important news update.

Oh we can forward that memo to you, all the Insta models got it.

Manic pixie dream machine.


‘Actually’… ?

Yeah but at least during Arctic Wetlands you get to wear this totally adorbs parka from H&M!

Delicious and phallic?

Ahhhhh the pleasures of June…

Is it bad to ask a firefighter to take a profile pic?

Who knew??