Braided. Leather. Belt.

Is this a commercial for L.L. Bean? Is it one strange person’s video diary? Is it porn? Hard to tell, but we love everything about this beautiful and moving episode from Mollie Merkel’s web series Janice and Jeffrey. Brb headed to the Bean to pick up this spring’s hottest accessory.

Bianca Malinowski Is Funny AF

Honestly, they don’t make em much more talented than Bianca Malinowski. The east Texan daughter of a Polish diplomat and Puerto Rican school teacher has become a successful producer, writer, actor, comedian, and filmmaker. She’s also somehow found time to absolutely kill it on Halt & Catch Fire, Nashville, and MacGyver. So seriously, get in on the ground floor with your Bianca fandom, because you’re going to be seeing a lot more from her soon.