The Funniest Friggin Tweets Of The Week

Introducing an extra spooky edition of the WhoHaha tweet roundup!

Just kidding, the only spooky thing about these tweets is how scary funny they are! Like how do these women do it? How do they be this funny? All we know is, we’ll be re-tweeting these til Monday morning.


















This Week’s Very Funniest Tweets

Wait a second. Is that clock right? Is it actually… Friday afternoon? This is not a drill y’all, the week is OVER.

Pour yourself a stiff drink and cuddle up with these perfect tweets from hilarious women.


















The Weekly Funny Tweet Round-Up

Gosh bless whoever invented weekends. Pretty sure it was either the Greeks or like old timey garment workers unions. One of those.

Big mood. ANYWAY the weekend is here and it’s time to celebrate! Grab a mimosa, and make sure to follow these funny women on Twitter for a guaranteed perfect weekend.





















This Week’s Most Hilarious Tweets

Inhale. Remember that it’s almost time to open presents. Exhale. Think about how many sexual predators are getting taken down. Repeat until you feel at peace with the world and it’s 2018.

Oh and doy we almost forgot the most important part: read funny tweets from hilarious women every single day! It’s for your health.

















Tweets You Can Be Thankful For

It’s the weekend. Next week is a short week. And also, wine still exists.

All in all, there’s a lot to be grateful for. And the hilarious women who wrote these tweets are very high on that list. Truly blessed.


















The Funniest Tweets Of The Week

Ok it’s officially holiday season. Almost time for turkeys and family and presents and – oh god we’re already stressed.

Good thing we have the funniest women in the world to keep us entertained and stress-free! Bundle up and enjoy these hilarious tweets.