The Weekly Funny Tweet Round-Up

Gosh bless whoever invented weekends. Pretty sure it was either the Greeks or like old timey garment workers unions. One of those.

Big mood. ANYWAY the weekend is here and it’s time to celebrate! Grab a mimosa, and make sure to follow these funny women on Twitter for a guaranteed perfect weekend.





















Weekly Roundup Of The Funniest Dang Tweets

There should be a new word for how we’re feeling these days. Hopeful/angry/baffled = hangled? Anyway, when you’re ready for a break from all the craziness, these tweets are here for you. Take a lil laugh break, huh?


And we as well do not intend to.


… we kinda wish?


Oh little buddy.

‘The blood doesn’t come out of the same place as the pee?’ – every bro.


Yum yum yum everything is garbage!


Lock up your nuts, because we’re marching straight over to burn down the patriarchy.


How convenient!


Yeah maybe both those American heroes didn’t know, ok?!?


Oh god we can’t stop laughing at this.


Do whatever it takes to get through to your reps and don’t stop doing it.


Who would have thought a bunch of dicks would grow up to be a bunch of dicks. Huh!


Shoutout to all the rude baristas and ghosting Tinder dates for staying on-brand.


Go ahead and call the mortician because we are dead.


May the strength of our pettiness see us all through these dark times.


We’ve got snacks!

Weekly Roundup Of The Very Funniest Tweets

Yiiiiiiikes this week has been insane. Seems like everyone’s busy getting their rights taken away or getting peed on. In times like this, to whom can we turn for a lil 140 character inspiration? Um, funny women of course!

Enjoy these hilarious tweets from some of our fave internet geniuses.


















Weekly Roundup Of The Funniest Tweets

WHAT A WEEK! Take a break from the emotional turmoil of Beyoncé’s Lemonade and pregame for the weekend with 140 characters from the funniest ladies on the internet.


We actively choose to forget this.

L – O – L.

Dreaming about planning a dinner party>actually planning a dinner party.

Seriously, why do they always do that?!


Why question it, yanno?!

As Beyoncé says, “tell ’em boy BYE.”

They were really mean to her, weren’t they?


Tiny toad forever.



Wrong vacation or best vacation? It’s a fine line.


Sounds about right.

Ideal life. That, and having Ina Garten cook every meal for you ever.

Praise that woman forever.

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