Quiz: Which Of These Bummed Out Political Rally Goers Are You?

We combed through hundreds (millions!) of pictures of political rallies to find the most bummed, stressed, devastated, bored attendees. Then we wrote up this quiz to help you learn which one best represents you. Will you be Sad Stein Glasses Guy? Or Heartbroken Cruz Mom? Only the quiz can tell…


7 Times Scream Queens’ Hester Ulrich Was Us AF

In a world of Chanels, some of us are just Hesters. For every closet weirdo, non-sorority girl, and maybe just straight up maniac, we present this guide to the magic moments when Hester Ulrich showed us ourselves on screen.


When she realized that boardgames just tear apart friendships.


When she was like, just so totally shocked and surprised and definitely didn’t already know the news.


When she showed the world the true meaning of glamour.


When she was sooo happy she went out tonight instead of staying in bed watching Netflix.


When she went through a very traumatic friend break-up.


When she was perhaps too real about periods.


When she was just done with everyone’s bullshit.