And Now For a Truly Woke Bae

Which Mark Ruffalo is your favorite? Is it Professor Ruffalo? Environmentalist Ruffalo? Glasses Ruffalo? Or D, all of the above Ruffalo?

Phoebe Robinson is one of our favorite people on the planet (you have to make time for her podcast with Jessica Williams called 2 Dope Queens). And in this episode of her series on the wokest hotties in Hollywood, she brings on Grace Parra to talk about all the ways Mark Ruffalo is a bae and an angel.

Megan MacKay Gets Real About Our Favorite “F” Word

Do you remember where you were the moment you realized you were a feminist? Even if you don’t remember a single moment, most of us can trace certain events that blossomed us into the beautiful, feminist butterflies that we all are. Should we get t-shirts made out of that? “Feminist Beautiful Butterfly”? Cool, taking all of that silence as a resounding YES.