Thank You Hillary

Our hearts and funny bones can barely stand this adorable segment from The Tonight Show. Hillary Clinton stopped by the show last night, and the female writers penned a few thank-you notes for the most qualified person ever to run for president. And it triggered some laughter and some serious feelings. Watch this if you want to believe in love again.


The fifth season of the show that redefined tv is here and we are NOT ready for it. Last season took a real turn and this one looks like it’s going to crank up the drama to 11. Start stocking up on tissues and xanax now, y’all.

You’re Not Ready For Our Favorite Women Singing ‘Fight Song’ For Hil

This video is too friggin cute. Some of our fave funny and talented women of all time got together to serenade Hillary for the DNC, including America Ferrera, Jane Fonda, Mandy Moore, Julie Bowen, and of course our girl Banks. WE’RE NOT CRYING, YOU’RE CRYING, SHUT UP.

Maria Bamford Is Off Her Meds and Feeling Great!

If you’re not watching Lady Dynamite, honestly, you need to take a look at your life choices. Maria Bamford is a straight-up heroine and the only person who can pull off a track suit and crunchy hair (which is normally TRULY TRAGIC) while also killing us with laughter. Let the Bamf take you to a magical world of pugs and hugs with this clip from the show. Then get on Netflix and watch the rest asap.