Don’t Say ‘Trying’ If You Mean ‘Sexing’

Summer was wedding season. Spring is pregnancy announcement season. And now we’re in the darkest time of the year – ‘trying’ announcement season. Seems like every damn couple wants to talk about how much they’re getting down to bone town in an effort to make a baby, whether you want to hear it or not. So this sketch from the Above Average team is super funny, but also maybe a little too real.

Braid Tutorial (Now Featuring Hella Blood!)

If there’s two things we love, it’s powerful women and fancy hair. And if there’s three things we love, it’s powerful women, fancy hair, and HORRIBLE BLOODY VIOLENCE. So of course we’re obsessed with this GoT braid tutorial from College Humor and Emily Axford! Wow, just the day look we’ve been needing!

Nicole Byer Loves Drinking!!

Whoooooo’s ready for the weeeekend?!?! Nicole Byer, that’s who.

Our #1 girl loves our #1 pastime (boozin), and she went on This Is Not Happening to talk about a few of her wilder stories. Turns out she is a very responsible drunk who will never waste pizza. Our kinda woman.