Ladies, Lean In To That Office Holiday Party!

Ah, work holiday parties. The awkward small talk, the mediocre snacks, the relentless goddamn flirting. Something about the frost in the air makes male co-workers think now is the time to give you a ‘friendly’ massage or ask what kind of sex stuff you and your boyfriend are in to. Fortunately the Lean In Ladies made this guide to avoiding unwanted advances during office holiday parties. Remember, meat is your friend!

Nicole Has A Yeast Infection, Everybody PANIC!

Friends give the best advice. Except when you have a medical issue, in which case NEVER LISTEN TO YOUR FRIENDS. This hilarious and so-gross-it’s-perfect sketch, written by Nicole Blume and featuring Maria Ciampa, Alexa Rose, and Danielle Shvartsman, proves that treating yeast infections is something we should all leave to the professionals.