Gloria Steinem Infiltrates Playboy

The Drunk History hits just keep coming. Our favorite new story is from Katie Nolan, comedy sports commentator and officially one of the funniest weirdos alive. And guess who plays slightly problematic feminist hero Gloria Steinem? Abbi Friggin Jacobson, that’s who! She and Jane Krakowski are a dynamic duo and frankly this tale would make a great tv series all on its own.

How Nichelle Nichols Integrated Space

The level of amazing women in this segment from Drunk History is OVERWHELMING. First we got Ashley Nicole Black, telling the story of how Nichelle Nichols became a sci-fi role model for all the black girls and also all the human people in the whole world. Then we have Raven Symone playing Nichelle and absolutely slaying the heck out of that beehive. It’s too much!!!! This vid will make you laugh, cry, and want to sing the Star Trek theme song real bad.

Tiffany Haddish Is On Drunk History

So that title alone should be enough to convince you to watch this clip. But if you need more motivation, Tiffany Haddish is telling the story of a brave museum employee who rescued countless works of art from Nazi douchebags. And DID YOU KNOW that the first episode of this season of Drunk History is all about the heroines? That’s right, the whole episode is about dope women from the past doing dope shit, as narrated by an extremely drunk comedian. It’s perfection.

Hey… Are Fairies Real Tho?

We all went through a fairy phase, right? Except maybe the ones who went through a horse phase. Or who knows, maybe you went through like a cheese phase or whatever. Anyway the point is, fairies are cool as shit and it would be so magical to believe they’re real.

Well in this episode of the British version of Drunk History, Charlotte Ritchie tells the tale of the Cottingley Fairies aka one of the coolest hoaxes in history that was perpetrated by two little girls. Dope. Also, this episode features the magnificent hilarious Catherine Tate, who’s a gift from god to all the world.

Harriet Tubman’s Army of Bad Bitches

Today, WhoHaha celebrates a true American hero, a woman who led our country through terrible times and fought for what was right. Today, we honor Octavia Spencer.

AND ALSO we give it up big for one of the toughest badasses ever to grace this planet, Harriet ’20 Dollar Bill’ Tubman. Do your patriotic duty by watching Crissle West tell the story of Tubman’s heroic and hardcore as hell raids. God Bless the USA.