The World’s Cutest Interviews

You wanna watch the most charming and precious webseries on the internet? Yeah duh of course you do. Noelle Lara’s ‘A Little Advice’ is the ‘Kids Say The Darndest Things’ for the modern age. Except that the host isn’t a monster, the questions aren’t stupid, and the kids aren’t annoying. Ok fine it’s nothing like that other show, pretend we didn’t say that. But it definitely is wonderful!!

Enjoy this episode, in which the kids give Noelle advice on Life itself. Cautious and kind, people!

Girl, He Is Not Your Boyfriend

Yes, it may be painful to face the fact that the person we’re hooking up with doesn’t want a relationship with us. Yes, we’d rather not acknowledge that a person we’re into refuses to be seen in the late of day with us. Does that make us crazy? Maybe a little….but also, we definitely aren’t the only ones that find ourselves in this predicament. Besties Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata totally understand the trials and tribulations of modern dating.