Landline Is The Sister Story We’ve Been Waiting For

When Obvious Child came out in 2014, it made us believe that women in movies could actually act like real human women. And now the dream team of writer/director Gillian Robespierre and star Jenny Slate have reunited for the movie we’ve maybe been waiting for since we were born. This tale of two sisters trying to navigate adulthood is gonna make you laugh, cry, and call your family. AND THAT’S JUST FROM THE TRAILER.

Dance Your Feelings: A Step-Up Gif Guide

Sometimes you get all the feels and don’t know how to express them. In those moments, there’s nothing to do but… DANCE. To inspire some sweet moves, we present our favorite moves from the Step Up movies, and when to use them.


  1. When it’s only 9 but the party is already too turnt…



  1. When you forget to bring your swimsuit to the water park but you’re like ‘eh’.



  1. When you’re not sure if you’re in love or his watch is stuck on your bra.



  1. When you get out of school/work on a Friday afternoon before a long weekend.



  1. When you and bae finally get away for the weekend



  1. When an earthquake happens but you’re from California so you’re unfazed.



  1. When your talented friend is like ‘let’s take a barre class together’.



  1. When you realize you’re too good at flirting and that’s why men are scared of you.