A Hilarious Mini-Doc About Lady Freedom Fighters

Bet you never thought you’d see those words together! But this piece from Full Frontal with Samantha Bee combines kickass female Peshmerga members, fearless educators, funny asides, and some truly sick Trump burns, to create one of our favorite documentaries of all time.

America Ferrera Is The Funniest

America is perfect on Superstore, a dream in interviews, and it turns out she blends right in with the writing staff of a late night show! Amber, Jenny, and Seth were doing a normal episode of our fave show segment – ‘Jokes Seth Can’t Tell’ – and America crashed the party. For real, we would absolutely watch an Am Fer talk show every single day.

The Grossest Thing You Can Do In Public

Making out on a park bench? Sure. Gambling? Ok. Screaming hate speech at someone? It’s in the constitution! But there’s one thing that you much never ever do in public, or you’ll face the wrath of every rando on the street. This sketch from writer Stephanie Stender covers the basic biological act that you can’t do in public in the funniest possible way.

Samantha Bee’s #Roar, You-Go-Girl, Job Fair For Future Women. (Lean In!)

Samantha Bee is truly the queen of speaking truth.

“The economy’s on the way back, which means there’s more opportunities than ever for women to put up with sex crimes at work!” 

PREACH. Every single thing she says in this video is not only hilariously delivered, but painfully true. We are cringing, we are raising our hands in praise, and mostly we are just so thankful a badass like this exists.

Who Says You Have To Dress Like What You Like?

It may not be Thursday, but we’re throwing back to this magical video whether you like it or not.

Who says you have to dress like what you like? Maybe no one, but a whole bunch of lesbians seem to get that question all of the time. Well, maybe Hart has put that question to rest… at least for a little while.