Ladies, Lean In To That Office Holiday Party!

Ah, work holiday parties. The awkward small talk, the mediocre snacks, the relentless goddamn flirting. Something about the frost in the air makes male co-workers think now is the time to give you a ‘friendly’ massage or ask what kind of sex stuff you and your boyfriend are in to. Fortunately the Lean In Ladies made this guide to avoiding unwanted advances during office holiday parties. Remember, meat is your friend!

We Love Leslie Jones

We have mad love for Leslie J. The woman’s been on the comedy grind since forever, and it shows. She’s one of the funniest, realest, hardest working people in Hollywood, and she’s slayed the game in everything from SNL to Ghostbusters to adorable interviews.

And since it’s her birthday, we thought we’d put together a few top Leslie moments to celebrate! We got the standup from waaaay back, late night talk show segments, sketches, Olympics coverage and best of all just Leslie being Leslie.

Brandie Posey Talks Banana Boys

What’s that? You’ve been looking for a hilarious punk feminist role model? Ohhhh mama, do we have the comic for you.

Brandie Posey’s set cracked us up over the subjects of father-son relationships, wieners looking like fruit, and man tears. You should really check out her album Opinion Cave, or her podcast Lady to Lady. We’ll be over here watching that last pun and cry-laughing while you do.