Time For The Halloween Aftermath

Well, we did it. We got through Halloween. And while our Insta pictures were ?, some of our friendships went ?. This hella gross and gory sketch from the women of College Humor definitely nailed that awkward moment on November 1st when you have to deal with what your friend did to you the night before. Except in this case it’s a little extra rude. How could you, Katie. How could you….

Even On Vacation We Have To Lean In

It’s rough out there for a high powered businesswoman. Your pantsuits have to be crisp, your updo has to be sleek, your phone has to stay attached to your ear at all times. It’s exhausting! And if you’re Shanna Shrum (aka the Life of the Pahty), even vacation doesn’t set you free.

The Hollywood Sign Ruins Lives

And now, the tale of three 20-something women who just wanted to go for a hike and forget about the disappointing men in their lives. But sometimes when you try to go for a hike in the Hollywood hills, the hills… hike you.

The brilliant besties of Fresh Hell (Hannah Garces, Emily Durrett, and Elizabeth Guest) bring you this sketch about what happens when you try to take an ordinary average silly picture with LA’s most famous landmark. Spoiler: it doesn’t go great.

We All Have ~Tiny Fantasies~

When the barista rolls their eyes at your order and you fantasize about slapping the cup out of their hands. When your ex-boyfriend slides into the DM’s and you fantasize about posting the screenshot. Ooh, when a dude catcalls you and you fantasize about screaming right in his stupid sexist face. All these tiny fantasies help us get through the day.

Which is why the series Tiny Fantasies from Maggie Monahan and Sydney Nikols is p much our favorite thing on the internet right now. It’s so funny and so, so, SO satisfying.

We’re Sooooo Tiiiiiired

Omg do you ever get tired? Like sewwwww tired? Like so exhausted because your life is so busy and you’re so successful at your demanding job and you don’t even have time to rest tired??? Ok but YOU’RE STILL NOT AS TIRED AS WE ARE.

Sketch team DJ Faucet rides again, and this time they just nailed what we really mean when we talk about how tired we all are.