Well That’s One Way To Meet Your Boyfriend’s Mom

Meeting your boyfriend’s mom can be a stressful situation. You obviously want to impress her, but you don’t want to try too hard either. You want her to like you, but you don’t want to stress about it. Honestly, the trials and tribulations of dating can GTFO. But if you’re anything like this girl, you simply don’t care and stick true to yourself. Watch this hilarious sketch by Katie Wilbert and maybe the next time you meet bae’s parents, you can pull a Dunham as well.

The Only Batman V Superman We’re Interested In Seeing

If you want to have a good, joyful weekend then we suggest avoid reading any reviews of the new Batman V Superman movie. Yikes!

Moving on….

Whether you were sorely disappointed in the new film or you don’t give a shit either way, you’ll love this new Megan MacKay sketch. It’s the Batman V Superman we all want deep down.

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Watch The Trailer For “Roomie” – A “Room” Parody That Is Truly Perfect

“Love knows no boundaries…and neither does this roommate.”

Written by comedian Celeste Ballard, this parody of the Oscar nominated Room is perfect. Imagine everything that you loved about the harrowing movie – the relationship between mother and son, the obstacles they face, the incredibly poignant performances – and add in a horrible, annoying, obnoxious roommate. You’ve got Roomie and it’s pretty ridiculous. But like, we’re into it?