Cristen Conger Explains Why The “Ugly Cry” Is Actually A Superpower

Pretty sure there’s not a single person in the world who looks good crying. And if you’re that person, TELL US ALL OF YOUR SECRETS?!?!

But seriously, we’re much more acquainted with looking pretty terrible while we weep. In her newest vid, Cristen Conger explains the science of the Ugly Cry and why it’s actually a SUPERPOWER.

Saggy Boob Science With Cristen Conger

Is there truly anything better than a funny AND smart person? Nope, we didn’t think so. Lucky for us, Cristen Conger is both, and we love her series “HowStuffWorks.” In this particular episode, Cristen tackles a very #real and #intense topic – the science of the saggy boob. We’re already laughing and cringing and undoing our bra, because duh. LET ‘EM LOOSE, LADIES!