Michelle Wolf Plays “Lady Or Tiny Man” On “Late Night With Seth Meyers”

Michelle Wolf’s stand up set on Late Night With Seth Meyers was obviously going to be amazing since she covered topics such as Hillary Clinton, Amelia Earhart, and Bill Clinton giving White House tours (if these drapes could talk….). We’d also like to play many a round of “Lady Or Tiny Man” because it’s brilliant.

OKCupid In Real Life…AKA Our Worst Nightmare

“I’ve got the buns….do you have the hot dog?”

Los Angeles-based actor Shea Depmore had the brilliant idea to take actual OKCupid conversations and turn them into a sketch. The cringe factor is off the charts here – how do people like this actually exist in the world? Is everyone just a robot? Try and rest easy after knowing that a person who said this sentence is out there somewhere:

“I’m looking for a stud. I’ve already got the S.T.D. All I need is you.

We have the same exact reaction to the dude in the video: YIKES.