Anna Gillcrist is Our Creator Of The Week!

Anna Gillcrist is such a badass. She’s a hilarious stand-up comic, a super smart writer, and also she has a GORGEOUS singing voice. We’re big fans, so we asked her to be our official Funny Lady of The Week. And she said yes!

If you’re in to Anna like we are you’re gonna love her webseries Dicks, about two kind of terrible lady cops who stumble upon the case of their careers. Plus there’s also her amazing podcast He Loves Me Not, about the garbage pit that is dating in LA. Like honestly there’s nothing she can’t do.

Funny Lady of the Week: Nina Concepcion

Let us introduce you to a very special lady. Nina Concepción is an actor, writer, improviser, author, comedian and all around badass babe. She wrote a hilarious book of essays, she’s a performer at the UCB Theatre in LA, and she co-created Schmotts, an amazing webseries that’s making the festival circuit. There’s nothing she can’t do, tbh. So who better to pick as our creator of the week! Pour out a glass of rosé for our heroine, and watch these sketches and clips like there’s no tomorrow. Yay Nina!

Alex Lynn Ward Is Our Funny Woman Of The Week!

Alex Lynn Ward is our hero. The actor and comedian selflessly provides makeup tips and movie spoilers for broke bitches on her Youtube channel, she answers all our really important questions about firefighter poop and emojis, and she teaches us all how to follow appropriate office etiquette over on the WhoHaha Snapchat. She’s basically like a hot Gandhi.

So this week, we’re all about Alex! We put together some of our favorite ALW videos into a playlist for you to enjoy, plus she’ll be taking over our Instagram and we’re gonna feature some of her greatest tweets. Get stoked people, it’s gonna be a great week.