Female Viagra Is Here! And Of Course, It Blows.

Did you know that there’s already a lil pill on the market that they’re calling the female Viagra? It’s just like male Viagra! Except that it doesn’t work, makes you miserable, and is way more of a hassle to use. Y’know, like most products aimed at women. The dope dames of UCB sketch team Sancho created this way-too-honest drug ad about how pharma markets to women. And it ain’t pretty.

Who’s Excited For Queen Carol’s Book?

Whenever you get tired of re-reading Yes Please and Bossypants, there’s a hot new title on the shelves from the og cute comedy killa.

We already posted about how much we love Carol Burnett, so you can prob imagine how excited we are to sit down with a whole new book of stories about her show, her friends, and her lifelong comedy hustle. She’s an inspiration.

Ok so what’s the hold up, go order In Such Good Company!