Nuns. Gone. WILD.

The trailer for The Little Hours just dropped and y’all, it is LIFE. This looks like it’s going to be the most insane, filthy, hysterical movie we’ve seen in forever. The movie is adapted from Bocaccio’s Decameron (lol wut) and stars all of our favorite women as a bunch of potty-mouthed, horny, violent nuns. This is our Star Wars. We’ll be there opening night, in costume.

Ok We Need To Talk About Melissa on SNL

Do the words ‘yaaas queen’ ring a bell?!?! They should, because we’ve been screaming them loud enough for all of America to hear. Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer on SNL was ev. ry. thing. Here’s hoping that this turns into a Baldwin as Trump type situation and she’s back every other week to play the all-American five-head Goebbels.

JK Rowling’s Fieriest Tweets

Alright we need to talk about Joanne for a minute. In these dismal ass times, she is the light that burns in the darkness of Twitter, the champion of all that is shady and great.

Case in point:

DAMN that is salty. Salty and delicious. Also another case in point:

But the truth is, Rowling’s Twitter account has always been a thing of beauty. She does NOT put up with bigotry or injustice, and she fights back with some mighty powerful jokes. So here are a few more glorious tweets from the queen of funny and righteous burns.


The ONLY way to live.


This honestly should have ended the whole nightmare right there, frankly.


And they are so much lamer in real life.


One ? Thousand ? Claps ?


Never has a spelling burn been so effective.


Wish she would ride up like a white knight for all our favorite athletes and actors.


This is the perfect counter-argument to that dumb ass point.


SHABOOM! JK’s going nuclear y’all!


P sure this dude needed aloe more than he needed a wang pump after this.




Honestly she is a perfect person and we couldn’t love her more.


True Love Ain’t Pretty

Diamonds are so 2010. These brides know that real love is out-weirding the weirdest possible engagement ring.

This sketch comes to you from the psycho geniuses of Aljeshira, aka Alex Harris, Jen Bild, and Shira Selkovits. They’re the greatest, tbh.