Brexit? We Hardly Knew It!

Ok we have something to admit. Maybe we don’t actually understand what’s going on with the whole Brexit thing as well as we should. Phew felt good to say that out loud! Also, we can’t stop thinking about how it kind of sounds like a delicious breakfast sandwich. ????

Well as usual, Full Frontal is here to save the day. Kween Bee used the show last night to explain what happened over there, and also to fulfill some of our weird Dr. Who fan fic.

The Only How-To Video You’ll Ever Need: How To Bail On Going Out

We’ve all been there. For some reason all of your friends were born in the same month and you have about a thousand birthday parties to attend. Are you actually going to go to them? No. Akilah Hughes has a solution… which may or may not cause you to lose all of your friends.

Life Hack: Send a card in advance and then stay home and watch Netflix — just make sure you don’t run into the birthday boys and girls while you’re scheming.