It’s Waze vs Siri, And Nobody Wins

If Siri and Waze were people, they’d be… super terrible. Siri would be all like ‘what did you say?’ and ‘Playing Pony by Ginuwine’ and Waze would be like ‘cross 17 lanes of traffic and turn right in 4 feet’. Well, the dope ladies of Chickbait imagined how it would all go down, and they made a pretty much perfect sketch about it.

Don’t Miss This Sensual Ode To Pop-Tarts

Somebody give Karla Solarte a Nobel Prize because she is a certifiable genius. She’s the brilliant loon behind Rosa G, and now she’s created a dance-pop ode to everybody’s favorite breakfast candy, Pop-Tarts. Our favorite songwriter and our favorite source of diabetes, together at last. Praise!

Issa Rae, Queen Of Slay

Another super hilarious brilliant comedian is getting her very own show. What is this, heaven???

We’ve been on the Issa Rae train for a while now – her webseries Awkward Black Girl has won tons of awards and has most definitely won our heart. It looks like HBO realized her genius too, because her new series Insecure is gonna absolutely amazing. Watch the trailer, bask in the funny, relate so hard it hurts.