The Forbidden Love Between A Woman And Her Cheeseburger

You know how everyone has that one ex they just can’t get over? The one that if he showed up in your life one random day you’d be like ‘ugh leave’ but you’d also be like ‘ugh stay tho’?

Funny angel Nina Concepcion has that ex. But he’s not a normal fuccboi. He’s a little… cheesier.

Mindy Kaling’s Reddit AMA Made Us Fall Even More In Love With Her

Mindy Kaling, queen of our hearts, badass, fierce woman of comedy, writer/comedian extraordinaire, recently did a Reddit “Ask Me Anything.”

How dope of a world we live in, where our comedy heroes will hope on a computer and answer our questions? As was obviously predicted, Mindy’s AMA was hilarious, charming, moving, and perfect. Much like her. Seriously, we had little baby tears prickling at our eyes while reading this. Why? Because Mindy is a damn inspiration!

Here are 8 things we learned about Mindy:

She has bad dates just like the rest of us.

Dating in Los Angeles is the worst and we all know it!

She wants to see Scully and Mulder get it on. (Again, just like the rest of us.)

Hubba, hubba.

She gets emotional about the projects she’s involved in.

If you haven’t seen “Inside Out” yet, what is wrong with you?! DO YOU HAVE A SOUL?!

She would collaborate with the Broad City gals in a heartbeat.

We are dying at this idea. It’s like all of our fanfiction dreams have come true.

She has a little crush on Aziz Ansari.

We get it because there’s nothing more attractive than someone helping their parents do something.

She is an absolute queen and will make you cry by how much she inspires people/humans/us.


Emma Thompson inspires her. (Us too.)

Dream brunch? Emma, Mindy, US!!!!

Her “squad goals” are ideal.

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