‘I Feel Pretty’ Is Already Our New Favorite Movie

Not only is I Feel Pretty absolutely stacked with talented funny women, it’s a perfect rom com plot. Amy Schumer plays Renee, a curvy lady with body image issues (who can relate) who falls off her SoulCycle, bonks her head, and suddenly sees herself as perfect. What happens when a woman is supremely confident in herself? And is that an actual head injury that we can sign up for? Cannot wait for this to come out.

Can’t Disguise Those Hungry Thighs

It happens to all of us. One minute, you’re a happy, well-adjusted adult woman. The next, your inner thighs are squishing out of your jeans like unbaked croissants.

Luckily our girl Nicole Blume is spreading awareness of this chronic condition that affects 100% of women, and opening our eyes to the dangers of Hungry Thighs.

We Are All As Sexy As Jenna Marbles

If you’ve ever watched one of Jenna Marbles’ videos and marveled at her gorgeous hair or her perfect teeth (“straight like I’ll never be“), then felt discouraged because you don’t quite measure up… Hart is here to prove you wrong.

And just when you thought that a video that makes you pee your pants laughing can’t also share an important and profound message with the world, well, she might just prove you wrong again.

“What we’ve got shouldn’t make us any less successful than the next person.”

Isn’t that nice?