Toni Lahren Is Not A Victim, OK?!?!?!?

Ok this Tomi Lahren parody is STRAIGHT FIRE. Tomi – oh sorry, we mean Toni – goes AWF on feminism, terrorism, latte-ism, rainbow prisms, and pretty much every other liberal -ism in the book. Toni is NOT a victim, y’all! Mostly because she’s being paid to say she’s not, and would a victim get paid for that? NO!

This genius sketch is from the brilliant brain of comedian and writer Maggie Mae Fish and an all female and trans comedian writer’s room. Can’t wait to see more from ‘Toni’.

The Truth About La La Land

So La La Land is up for pretty much every Oscar, because there’s nothing LA likes better than movies about LA. And that’s chill and all. But what about actual people in the industry – what do all the actors and directors and singers think about it? Luckily for us, writer and director Aysha Wax tracked down some real live industry people to answer that very question.

How To Answer The Rude Holiday Questions

Doesn’t matter how well your career is going, or how happy your relationship is, or how many babies you squeezed out ya body. When you see family for whatever holiday you celebrate, someone is going to ask an inappropriate question that smacks you right in the feelings. Luckily, Megan Mackay is here to give you some pre-written responses for each rude-ass remark that your old-ass aunt is sure to make. Your holidays are about to get 10x funnier.

Let A Straight White Man Explain Why Your Feelings Are Wrong

For the last couple weeks, we’ve been asking ourselves a lot of troubling questions. Are our rights gonna get stepped on, are we or our friends gonna get deported or added to some psycho ‘list’? WTF was Mike Pence even doing at Hamilton in the first place? But now that we’ve been given the gift of Straight White Men ™ all our fears have been put to rest! We didn’t realize that we should just stop feeling those feelings! Thanks for setting us straight, TomCat Comedy!

Attn Cowards of Comedy, Sam Bee Is COMING FOR YOU

It’s no secret we love Samantha Bee. We pretty much post about her non-stop. But her monologue from Full Frontal this week was some salty magic. Queen Bee came for all the entertainment industry giants who are giving a big ol shrug to Trump’s bigoted comments. And she came with verbal knives.

Lorne, Jimmy, NBC, y’all need to take a hundred seats and consider yourselves educated.