Ease Your Broad City Withdrawal With This Perfect Video

Our hearts long for the day Broad City season 3 comes back! We miss Abbi and Ilana so much, so thank GAWD for their short little sketches in the meantime. Check out this hilarious video, and find out when happens when our favorite girls attempt to have an at-home spa day. SPOILER: It involves seltzer up a butthole.


If Girls Were Treated Like Guys AKA If Our Dreams Came True

Wouldn’t that just be the day? Men being treated the way women are treated? Luckily, our fave comedy duo, The Wing Girls, are back at ’em! We love them and their badass videos. We especially love how their comedy is a direct commentary on being a woman today. We think these funny babes deserve a resounding, “YAAAS QUEEN.”