Ask A Girl: G-Spot GPS

Dudes act like the G-spot is the damn fountain of youth. Like they need to hike four weeks and bushwhack through dense jungles to find it. Maybe the simpler solution would be to JUST ASK YOUR PARTNER??

Thank goodness Kween Elizabeth is here to explain how it works through some truly hilarious finger mime. Srlsy, high schoolers should be learning sex-ed from Banks.

Uber For Jen? Or Uber For Anarchy?

If you think about it, Uber is a pretty wild concept. You’re just supposed to trust a stranger to drive you where you wanna go? What if they’re a crazy person? Or worse, they try to play Garth Brooks or something???!?

This SNL sketch stars our girl Banks as a surprisingly chill Uber passenger. And side note, the show lost director Matt Villines this week. He was crazy talented and made opportunities for some of our favorite ladies to shine. He’ll be missed.