The Mindy Project Just Nailed White Male Privilege

OK did you see this last episode of The Mindy Project!? Because it will change. your. life. Mindy  wishes that everyone would respect her and take her seriously and give her credit for her accomplishments – aka she wishes to be a white dude. But unlike the rest of us, her wish is granted, and she spends a whole day as the peak of the social food chain. It’s an amazing episode and pretty ballsy. So in honor of Mindy Lahiri and the awesome writers of the show, we bring you 6 other times that The Mindy Project got just the right amount of real.


1. When she got right to the heart of being a woman of color in America.


2. When she called out the bs fat shaming crap some of us have to put up with every day.



3. When she pretty much summed up depression in one gif.


4. When she went after gay panic in the cutest possible way.



5. When she reminded us all to be proud as hell of our heritage.


6. When she reminded us all to be proud as hell of ourselves, just in general.



Thanks, Mindy! You’re the hero we need but don’t deserve.