This Parody Music Video Out Of Saudi Arabia Has Us Rolling

America doesn’t have a monopoly on funny badass women, y’all. The title of this technicolor gem is Hwages – which we’ve been told basically translates to ‘concerns’ – and the lyrics involve such gems as ‘men make us mentally ill’. We CANNOT with these skateboarding bamfs. Comedy is power, people.

RIP The Meltdown (But Long Live Maria)

This week marked the last night of The Meltdown, a live LA standup comedy show that’s helped launch the careers of some of our favorite funny women. It’s a little sad, but we have no doubt that something else will rise up to take it’s place like a phoenix from the comedic ashes! In honor of The Meltdown – and one of our truly top women in comedy, Maria Bamford – we present a clip from the historic show in which the Bamf talks about how to make it in showbiz. Here’s to just showing up!

Maria Bamford Is Off Her Meds and Feeling Great!

If you’re not watching Lady Dynamite, honestly, you need to take a look at your life choices. Maria Bamford is a straight-up heroine and the only person who can pull off a track suit and crunchy hair (which is normally TRULY TRAGIC) while also killing us with laughter. Let the Bamf take you to a magical world of pugs and hugs with this clip from the show. Then get on Netflix and watch the rest asap.