Actually There Is A Right Way To Protest

If we’re all gonna be protesting for the next couple years, let’s set some ground rules. Don’t use protests as dating mixers. Don’t act like a shit head to people of color. And guys? NO PEPSIS FOR COPS. Daily Show contributor Eliza Cossio has the 411 on protest etiquette.

The Girlboss Trailer Is Maybe Too Perfect

If you’re looking for a funny badass who simultaneously give no fucks and also cares way too much, the new Netflix show Girlboss might be for you. Britt Robertson plays legendary tough chick Sophia Amoruso, who built a fashion empire out of a love for thrifting. The showrunner is Kay Cannon of Pitch Perfect fame, Charlize Theron is executive producing, and it’s just chock full of awesome women writers, producers and actors. We legit can’t wait for the premiere.

Sydney Nikols Is Our Creator Of The Week!!

Sydney’s also honestly our creator of all weeks because her talent is through the damn roof. She’s an incredible writer (as in she developed a pilot for MTV after winning a deal at NYTVF so you know she’s legit) and she’s also a stellar actor, improviser and all-around bad bish. She’s the queen of our hearts and we can’t wait to watch her amazing career unfold. Hope you someday get a million kisses from Drake, buddy!

Petey Gibson Is Our Creator Of The Week!

How badass is Petey Gibson?? From creating the hilarious series Meals With Mary to writing rad sketches to performing stand-up and improv all over the globe, there’s pretty much nothing they can’t do. We’re card carrying members of the Petey Posse, and we wanted everyone to share in the magic that is this hilarious comedian. So we created a playlist of a few of their greatest hits, so you get in on the party. Yay Petey!

Jenny Yang Is Our Creator Of The Week!

Tbh, sometimes we’re kind of intimidated when we think about how cool Jenny Yang is. The badass comedian started out as a budding politician, and it definitely makes sense because she took over the comedy scene like a damn general staging a coup.

Yang produces the mostly female, Asian American standup comedy tour, Disoriented Comedy, as well as The Comedy Comedy Festival: A Comedy Festival. She does stand-up at college and clubs all over the country, she acts and writes for everything from Buzzfeed to SourceFed to The Guardian, and LA Weekly called her one of the most fascinating people in the city. Which, yeah, no freakin duh.

If you think Jenny is cool too, watch our playlist of some of her greatest hits, then keep an eye out for her Facebook live and Snapchat takeover later in the week. More Jenny means more happy.