How Bachelorette Parties REALLY Play Out

Bachelorette parties are a time to connect with your gals and celebrate the joyful love between your friend and her soul mate. HAHAHAH just kidding, they’re for getting wine drunk by the pool and hitting on poor defenseless waiters. This short from Serena Schuler is exactly the kind of bachelorette party we’d like to go to.

Birth Control Bachelorette Is Not So Sexy

Ever wish you could spend a little time risk-free with every form of birth control, just to see which one is right? Well this dead-on sketch imagines what might happen if the Bachelorette was about choosing prophylactics instead of just dude-bros. And it’s funny as hell.

P.S. The last 20 seconds of this are so hilar and so real we almost fell over, you have to watch til the end.