The Very Funniest Tweets Of The Week

The week is done and Saturday is nigh. Cheers, y’all!

Let’s toast to freedom with these bubbly little glasses of comedy, shall we?


Is this the greatest invention of the 21st century? Probly.




‘Oh god, THAT’s what their kid looks like??’


This is so hot it’s NSFW, honestly.


This is the tale for every awkward woman who’s ever tried to pee in public…


Damn, never thought about it like that ?


Us, us, us, us af.


Can’t believe it took our species til 2016 to figure this out, damn.


Don’t we all want to be a selfish 1950’s husband, deep down?


We’re never gonna stop laughing at this tweet.


Oh look, the whole year in one tweet!


Oh also I’d love to talk to you about how you can make extra money from home with Amway!


Show this tweet to every white man in your life. Do it for us. Kthanks.


Dang, Megan’s mom is on fire.


What comes next, ordering a drink with lunch without worrying about how it will impact your budget?!?!


Kween Chrissy, ladies and gentlemen.


Wow, looks like mansplainers are at least consistent!


So much better than the original version.


U good Merriam? Need to talk?


It’s just like the old saying – ‘the more she snaps, the sooner they snap’.


WHAT THE WHAT why has no one ever considered this before?!?!?


Legalize amphibian love!