We’d Swaddle Aubrey Plaza

Our imaginary grumpy BFF Aubrey Plaza is making the interview rounds in support of her new movie The Little Hours. And in typical Plaza fashion, she’s dropping gold left and right. Like this Conan interview, in which she talks about her reverse claustrophobia.

Drunk History Hamilton Is Everything

Alia Shawkat is Hamilton. Aubrey Plaza is Burr. LITERALLY WHAT ELSE COULD YOU WANT IN LIFE?? Lin-Manuel Miranda got drunk and talked about Hamilton for Drunk History because yeah sure why not. Then they hired America’s grumpy hipster sweethearts to be the stars because life is good and God loves us and we deserve it. It’s friggin magic is what it is.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey Plaza’s Twitter handle is @evilhag. That’s already enough to make us love her forever, but she’s also a total weirdo badass who doesn’t care what anyone in Hollywood thinks of her and just goes ahead and makes things she thinks are funny. Thank Satan for this wonderful woman.