A Teenage Genius. A Cartoon Alien. The Greatest Talent Show Ever.

Look, we want to tell you all about Leigh Lahav’s new animated short. But we can’t, because we’re dead of chronic cuteness overload.

This video is too damn precious, and we want a Jel of our very own. Also it’s not full of cuss words like our usual videos, so show it to all your teenage inventor nieces and tell them to be a little more Sabrina-y. In fact, let’s all try to be a little more Sabrina-y!

Waiting For That Movie To Premiere Is Literally The Worst Thing In The Entire World

Call it a first world problem if you want, but waiting for a movie to come out is the WORST THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. Seriously – why even bother to announce a premiere date if it’s literally years away. We hate it. The struggle is so real, and Leigh Lahav perfectly animates every feeling we experience.