Tig And Ellen Are Our Comedy Heroes

How much do we love Tig? Let us count the ways. Her show One Mississippi made us feel every feeling that can be felt, her stand-up comedy has changed the game for all comedians, and she’s an advocate for women in comedy. And this sweet love fest of an interview with Ellen is a reminder of how real big T keeps it at all times.

Sarah Paulson Can Do Any Impression

Scuse us but why isn’t Sarah Paulson in every single movie and tv show already? She can be spooky, funny, heartbreaking, and even Drew Barrymore! And in this clip from The Tonight Show, she displays her uncanny ability to portray other celebrities talking about unconventional topics.

Amy Sedaris Has a New Show And It’s Glorious

She blew our minds in Strangers With Candy. She taught us to be adults with her books on crafting and entertaining. And now Amy Sedaris has her very own tv show, At Home With Amy Sedaris on TruTV. And our lives are finally complete. Enjoy this clip from the show in which Amy teaches us all about which adhesive goes with what!