Registering To Vote Is Easier Than Doing Eyeliner

ARE YOU REGISTERED TO VOTE YET?? Sorry to yell at you, we didn’t mean to scare you. It’s just that this is a really really important election, and if you’re in a swing state you have a whole bunch of power over who’s going to be the president. Isn’t that super dope?

Anyhoo, Akilah Hughes made a hilar video that takes exactly as long to watch as it would take you to register to vote. And let’s be real, if you’re on this site you have enough time to register. Young lady, you better help clean up this mess*!


*(the mess is America)

Jar Jar for President!!

Akilah Hughes should prob be moderating every debate at this point, right? Her political commentary is always ? and she’s funnier than all the PBS, NBS, CBS and MSNBC teams combined.

Case in point: she makes a REALLY compelling argument that Jar Jar Binks might actually be a better choice for president than Trump. Hughes, ya just blew our minds.