Don’t Date A Girl Who Reads…Wait, What?

Sabrina Cruz throws down some serious truth in her latest video. Basically, it can be summed up when she says:

“Stop trying to define girls based on a single facet of their complex existence and then acting like certain facets are better than others.” 


Amen, sister. Watch her take down the logic that a person should only date “a woman who reads.”

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How To Deal With A Real Life Regina George

We’ve all been there – that awkward moment when we realized we had ourselves a frenemy. It’s the absolute worst. Dodging passive aggressive comments, trying to be the bigger person, etc. etc. IT’S EXHAUSTING. Instead of pulling a full on Tina Belcher level of social ineptitude (we love you Tina), Anna Akana gives us some full-proof ways to handle a classic frenemy.

Thank you Anna for teaching us to keep our cool in some cringe-worthy moments.