Great Moments In Cinema History

Great cinema is a symphony, in which the writing and acting blend together harmoniously to create a masterpiece. And in this triumph of filmmaking, actor and artiste Nina Concepcion presents the great monologues from movie history. You haven’t seen Tremors til you’ve seen it performed by a serious actress.

High Expectasians Looks Amazing

We are SO stoked for this new series from the writers/actors/hilarious women of Rock Paper Noodle. Monique and Emily cover the whole range of bs involved in being a wannabe Hollywood bigshot, plus the struggle of being a good daughter, best friend, and pilates teacher.  And that’s just in the trailer! It looks like it’s gonna be hilar and we can’t wait to see the first episode. Slayyyyyyy ladies slay.

Niecy Nash Is Our Wednesday Woman Crush

Yas Niecy yaaaaasss! We’ve been big fans of Niecy Nash since way back in her Reno 911! days, and she just keeps getting funnier and more fabulous. She’s a gem on The Mindy Project, slays on Scream Queens, and she proved she’s an ACTOR in Selma.  We vote Niecy for president of tv, honestly.

Sarah Paulson Is America’s Spooky Sweetheart

Yeah duh Sarah Paulson is talented. Everyone knows she blew all our minds as Marcia Clark on OJ, and her work on American Horror Story is pure gold. But y’all, she’s also funny as all hell.

Here’s hoping she gets a chance to make the funnies in this upcoming season of AHS, because these interviews and clips prove she’s got the chops. Keep slaying, Sarah P.

Eva Longoria Is Our Wednesday Woman Crush

You guys, how rad is Eva Longoria? She’s a hysterical actress and a fearless activist, and she’s too damn real about tight dresses. We couldn’t have picked a more perfect lady for Woman Crush Wednesday, if we do say so ourselves (#stayhumble). Enjoy some of our favorite moments from Queen E.