Office Lingo Is Straight Up Nonsense

Do you work in an office? Do you know what people are actually saying in meetings? If you said yes to that second one, you’re a damn liar. Office life is full of mumbo-jumbo bullshit like ‘ping me’ and ‘ideation’ and ‘groudon it by the vulpix’. That last one was just two Pokemon, bet you couldn’t even tell the difference.

Anyway, writer Emily Winter put together a peppy little music video all about how ridiculous office talk is. It’s honestly alarmingly relatable.

How To Give Birth At Work!

Benefits for working moms in America just keep getting better and better! And now you lucky mothers have the option to skip the yucky hospital and give birth right in your office. Wow! Super!

This sketch from writer Hana Michels and director Courtney Davis for Funny or Die is too funny and too damn real. Kudos. Also blech.